Pub. 11 2023 Issue 1

The end of each year is a time I tend to reflect on the prior year’s achievements and failures to look forward to the possibilities of a new year and to be thankful for all life’s gifts, the most important of which are friends and family. While I have many reasons to be thankful for my family and friends this past year, there is one event that made me profoundly grateful for both.

As the calendar rolls over into another new year, I am reflecting on the importance of focusing on what community bankers do for a living and what the profession does for our local communities. This is because, as the author E. Stanley Jones stated, “Whatever gets your attention … gets you.”

By Rebeca Romero Rainey, President and CEO, ICBA
By Bill Showalter, Senior Consultant, Young & Associates, Inc.
By Kendra Warman, Alliant Insurance Services
By The Montana Independent Bankers Association
By NeighborWorks Montana
By The Montana Independent Bankers Association

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