Pub. 9 2021 Issue 2


Flourish: A New Chapter

Recently at the dinner table, my family had a fascinating conversation about the merits of short stories versus novels. My daughter, an avid reader, made the case that the novel is the superior form of storytelling because it allows the piece to deepen and evolve. My husband, on the other hand, argued that with a short story, every word counts, and that critical focus creates a vivid snapshot of an experience.


Executive Director’s Report

Welcome to our summer edition of the Directors Digest.
With the start of summer 2021 and temperatures reaching nearly 100 degrees in late June and early July, it appears as if the “dog days of summer” will be hot ones in Montana. Speaking of the dog days of summer, did you know the term refers to the dates July 3 through Aug. 11 and that those date ranges are named after “Sirius,” the dog star?


President’s Address

I began writing this article on the cusp of leaving for Billings, headed to the 2021 MIB Convention, so pleased we could finally get together to celebrate community banking in Montana. I was excited to renew old friendships, gain the opportunity to learn new things from our esteemed speakers, and reaffirm my spirit in banking in Montana.